Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A cell phone rings in a lonely hotel room...

(a bit cranky) What?
Bronson, brother! I have Johnny on conference call, hold on!
Why did I answer the phone?
Duude! We heard you were pitching against the Pirates tonight, so we called to celebrate our wins! We rock, dude! John Henry and those guys are bumming now!
I got two hits and two rbi INCLUDING a homerun off of Wake, man! We kicked ass!
I went 0 for 5...but we still WON! Yankees, man, Yankees Universe!
Bronson, how'd you do, brother?
I don't want to talk about it.
Man, I have Sportscenter on...dude says you lost, Bronson! He meant you won, right? I mean, it was the Pirates.
(sighs) I know.
Whoa. You lost? You didn't lose, right? You're their ace! The team lost it, not you. Right?
DUDE!!! He gave up 9 hits and FOUR runs!
It's not a big deal, guys. My ERA is 2.40. I'm 5-2 and the team is only a game and a half behind. No biggie.
Brother, Wily Mo Pena is hitting .322 with four homeruns and 18 rbi.

(disappointed) Really? How do you know that?
Kevin, dude, come on! We're gonna be late for Dollar Beer Night!
(sighs) Man, I miss Dollar Beer Night with Lenny.
I'm gonna go find an oven to stick my head in. (hangs up)
Millar, dude, tell Lenny I said 'hi' and I miss him!
(uncomfortably) Uh, I gotta go, Johnny, see ya 'round! (hangs up)

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With props (or apologies) to Surviving Grady and The Dugout.


Katiee said...

awe poor Bronson lol loved it as usual

Brenken said...

I love the phone call blogs!
Keep them coming.