Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Suddenly, wins and losses don't seem all that important.

The thoughts and prayers of all the sistahs are with David Ortiz. Here's hoping all he needs is a little rest!

Get well and come back soon, Papi!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Rudy Seañez?

His name is Rudy Caballero Seañez. The middle name means "cowboy" (an anonymous reader gives the meaning as "knight"; Google translator gives "horseman") and the last name is pronounced "Say-AHN-yez" even though most people pronounce it "SEE-uh-nez." I pronounce it "the bane of my existence." In 40 games this season, he has allowed at least a hit or a walk in all but eight. His ERA is 4.17, but that doesn't reflect the inherited runners he has allowed to score. His WHIP is 1.54, better than only teammates Jon Lester (very shaky in recent starts), David Wells (on the DL most of the season), Julian Tavarez, Matt Clement, Jason Johnson, and several others now relegated to the minors.

So what do we do with this guy? He is taking up a roster spot, so it isn't reasonable to not use him. As a veteran major leaguer, he is out of minor league options. Trading him would require him to go through waivers, from where he would likely be claimed with no compensation for the Sox.

In pondering the situation, I came up with a few alternatives. Cast your vote now. The top three will be sent to Theo Epstein as suggestions.

The Seanez Conundrum
What should the Red Sox do with Rudy Seanez?

Use him only when either team leads by 10+ runs
Force him to sit quietly and ponder his sins
Send him to Single-A Lowell to torture the newbies
Trade him and Dan Shaughnessy for a six-pack of beer
Make him clean the team's cleats with his tongue
Send him out for pizza and don't let him back in
Hang him from the monster as a warning to Julian Tavarez
Take him out back and smack him


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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Somewhere in Kansas City...a cell phone rings

(Whispers) Bronson, I can't talk right now!
Lenny! Dude! I'm WASTED!!
So what else is new? Bronson, I CAN'T TALK! We're having a team meeting!
A team meeting? Dude, you're still on the DL! You don't need to go to those!
B, man I'm THIS close to coming back!
DiNardo! Get the hell off the phone!
Dude, now you got me in trouble!
Is that Tito??? Tell him I said "hey"!
B, I am NOT telling him you said, "hey". I gotta go!
Who said, "hey"? Is that Arroyo??
Skip, I'm hanging up now.
Ask him if he misses me! Pleeeease!!!
(sighs) Bronson wants to know if you miss him.
::Looks at his bullpen::
::bangs his head against the wall::
DiNardo. Hang up on Arroyo and get Theo on the phone.
Yeah. Maybe I can talk him into trading me!

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With props (or apologies) to Surviving Grady and The Dugout.