Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beazer on National TV

Extra! Extra! Our very own sistah, the one and only Beazer, is going to tonight's Sox-Yanks game, and all of you will be able to see her! (Actually, she went to last night's game too, but she was sitting out in right field somewhere, whereas tonight she'll be more visible.)

Be sure to watch for her on either NESN or ESPN, depending on where you live. For those who don't know what she looks like, here's a recent picture, hanging with Red Sox prospect Jed Lowrie (she likes younger men, you know):

1 comment:

Michael Leggett said...

Unfortunately, ESPN & NESN feeds, were blacked out here in NYC & had to put up with the shilling on the "NO" Network.

I wanted to throw things at the flat screen, as the Trio made me nauseous.

The NYC part of RSN, puts up with these annoyances, about 19 times per year.

Sorry, Beaz!