Sunday, September 02, 2007

There's a New Sheriff in Town

*pic courtesy of Globe

Gosh..where do I begin?? There were at least 3 Sistahs that I know of who were AT THE GAME last night!!! I was stoked about Clay getting called up for September and could not wait to see him pitch again. I hear some talk about how young Clay a 12 yr old...Well My Friends...That 12 yr old Man just pitched a NO HITTER!!! AT his 2nd Major League Game!! There is NO way I can do justice at describing the event as even though I watched most of it, I had a prior planned night so I missed seeing the entire game. I just wanted to post about it and wait for my Sistahs who were tell me their stories....

Cruiser, Brenken and Beazer....Come ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!