Friday, January 19, 2007

My first Trot Nixon sighting

Many of my sistahs have heard my story about the first time I saw Trot Nixon. Today is a good day to blog about it. I am very sad that Trot will no longer be wearing a Red Sox uniform. The longer the J.D. Drew announcement didn't happen, I had a glimmer of hope that the Sox would find a place for Trot. He's found a place in my heart.
Here's my story:
Back in 1993 one of my sisters (that's a real sister and not a Sistah) would babysit during the games for the children of Charley Moss, the Red Sox trainer back then. She had access to the family room inside Fenway Park and knew the security guy who would let her in through the parking lot. My daughter and I were going to a game with her on September 1 and she said she knew how to get us into batting practice early. It worked like a charm. We walked by the security guard, into Fenway, past the family room and out to the field.
My sister looked around and thought it was odd that so few people were in the stands watching batting practice. Then she noticed Dan Duquette was there and many more reporters than were usually on the field at that time. We quietly sat down to watch. Strangely, none of us were wearing any Red Sox items that day. Dan Duquette came over to us and asked if we were with the Rangers (the Sox were playing the Rangers that day). We said no and he walked away. The three of us looked at each other and thought it was an odd question but also started to feel we were somewhere we shouldn't be.
It turned out it was a closed batting practice and it was the first day the new Red Sox draft pick was going to be wearing a Sox uniform and taking some batting practice. Trot Nixon was signed as a first round draft pick on August 31 and this was the next day. His father was there to watch him. When Trot went into the batting cage, all the other Sox players on the field stopped what they were doing and watched him swing the bat. I can't remember how well he hit or didn't hit the ball that day but I enjoyed watching the other players watch him.
It was another 3 years before we saw Trot make his major league debut in September, 1996 and he proudly wore the Red Sox uniform for another 10 years. He was part of the magical 2004 World Series Champion team. He was one of the original Dirt Dogs and was known for the dirty hat he wore all season long. Most Red Sox fans remember the story of Trot trying to get home for the birth of his son, Chase, on September 11, 2001.
I hope he does well in Cleveland and that the fans treat him well. Kathryn and Trot Nixon worked on many charitable causes during their stay in Boston and I've heard they want to come back to Boston when his career is over. I hope the front office is there to greet him with open arms.
Good luck, Trot!

No Words, Just Tears

Free-agent outfielder Trot Nixon has agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal with the Cleveland Indians,'s Peter Gammons reports.

There are a thousand reasons not to want Trot back, not the least of which is the unfulfilled potential of Trot as a top farm prospect, right alongside Nomar Garciaparra. In so many ways, he never really panned out. But that doesn't make me feel any better.

Sometimes I'm just a sentimental sap.