Thursday, May 11, 2006

To Boo or Not to Boo

One of my good friends was born outside New York City and is a Yankee fan. My husband and I are well known for our fanaticism over the Red Sox so when they see my husband in his Red Sox hat and then spot the guy next to him in the Yankee hat they are astounded they are friends.

My take is if you are from NY than you should be rooting for a NY team. Being born into Red Sox Nation I can’t imagine not being a Red Sox fan no matter where I lived. I like people who are loyal to their teams. I also like a good baseball discussion, regardless of what team is the other person’s favorite.

All that being said, my Yankee friend has really given my blood pressure a work out in the last couple of days. On Tuesday night when the Sox went down by two runs, our home phone began to ring. My husband looks at me and says, you know who that is? I hadn’t even considered who it might be. Hubby was correct; it was Yankee Rick calling to rub in the score. We reminded him it was a bit early to begin to gloat. Not long after, the Sox are now up by three and I tell hubby to give our friend a call. Wouldn’t you know it; he has turned his phone off! Boy he can dish it but he can’t take it.

Wednesday night we meet him at the local watering hole to watch the game together. I had been astounded at how much the Yankee fans had booed both A-Rod and Randy Johnson. I begin a discussion with hubby and Yankee Rick regarding the fact that the Red Sox fans had been chastised in papers across the country for booing Johnny Damon who wasn’t even on our team any longer, but the Yankee fans feel it is okay to boo their own players.

Then I have to sit and hear Yankee Rick's rebuttal on how “classless” Boston fans are for booing Johnny Damon after he had done so much for our team. That it is perfectly all right for fans to boo players on their own team when they don’t perform. Blah…blah….blah…blah.

Well, I’m sorry but I don’t see it that way at all. I feel that Red Sox fans thanked Johnny Damon for his contributions in 2004 for the entire 2005 season every time he came out onto the field or came up to bat. He left the Red Sox on his own accord after lying to the fans that he wouldn’t go to the Yankees, even for the money. I don’t like liars and two faced people and I don’t think it is wrong for the fans to be angry for what they see as a betrayal. All we ask for is honesty. He had our undying devotion and he blew it.

Now as far as the Yankee fans booing their own players I think that is classless and certainly can’t be good for a player’s psyche. I hate it when Red Sox fans do it or fans of any team. Everyone has a bad day and I certainly wouldn’t want to be booed for having one. I also don’t think that the money they earn makes it okay either. I am embarrassed every time I happen to be at Fenway and one of our own players is booed. I believe that only players on the opposing team can be booed.

Since Yankee Rick poo pooed my booing code of conduct, I needed to get this out. I feel better now.


Beazer said...

The whole issue of people having a problem with our booing Johnny pisses me off.

But the fact that they booed Randy Johnson...that really got my blood going. Especially since no one has criticized the Yankees fans for it.

He might be a Yankee, but Johnson is still one of the best pitchers MLB has seen in a decade. He deserves more respect from the crappy fan base he plays for.

Well put, Cruiser!

Soxcruiser said...

Beazer, I didn't even mention the part where my Yankee friend explained the players on the Yankees that improved their play after being booed. Give me a break.

The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

Yankees fans. Ick.

Varitekchick said...

What I hate about Yankee fans is they get all offended when you say anything about Yankee fans like THEY aren't like THAT. Ugh.

Michael Leggett said...

"Ick" would be a word, which those Functionally & Socially-Illiterate sub-humans called the "Bleacher Cretins", would have trouble spelling.

My latest name for yankee Stadium, is "The Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic."

"The Bleacher Cretins" would boo & hurl their trash, during a Papal Mass. The Cretins are homophobic, especially when "YMCA" is played.

& many yankee fans have no tactical knowledge of their own home stadium.

yankee Stadium, should also be called "Posers Park."