Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bringing Down a Hero

That pic of Joshua Patrick was taken by myself in San Diego. If you know anything about Joshua Patrick, you know that Roger Clemens has been someone he's role modeled after. After all, Roger played for the University of Texas and helped them win a College World Series. Josh used to play as a kid pretending to be Roger...well trying to pitch like him. Josh is cocky like Roger. Josh has 'the stuff' like Roger. But Roger ain't J.P. It will be an interesting match in more ways than the obvious ones. A Texan against a Texan. Ex-Red Sox pitcher vs. a current one.
Make no mistake...tomorrow night when the game starts, there's only one true Texan who'll take the mound in Yankee Stadium: Joshua Patrick Beckett...born and raised in Southeast Texas. Attended school all his life around Spring and played little league throughout high school there. Clemens was born and raised in Ohio and didn't move to Texas till his high school years. So although he attended UT (or tu as Texas A&M fans call it), he ain't no Texan.
The HUGE reason this will be an interesting match for me is Roger is THE reason I am a Red Sox fan....and until this past year I had defended him. But when he decided to unretire AGAIN and go to the turned my stomach and I turned my soul away. Josh Beckett is the TEX-Man of the Hour as far as I'm concerned. I don't need a player to keep me a Red Sox fan...I'm here and staying. I'm a loyal Texan and I'll root for the Texas boys who come and go....but I'll live and die a Red Sox fan.
This post is dedicated to all my Sistahs and others who patiently waited for my deliverance from the fat one. It took some time I know but thanks for smiling while ya poked yourself in the eye when I'd post his pics and talk lovingly about him. HEY BECKETT...when you take the mound tonight WIN it for MY SISTAHS!! and Win it For ME!!

So at 7:05p.m., when the game starts....don't be fooled by the razzle dazzle the Yanks try to pull over your eyes....Roger ain't no Texan and he ain't no friend of mine.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the Flight Back from Baltimore

You suck!
No,you suck!
That's enough, fellas. Don't make me separate you!
He started it.
Did not.
Did too.
You guys won't be happy 'til I knock someone on their ass, right?
Calm down, Tito. No one is getting knocked on their ass. We lost a couple of games...
You mean Eric lost a couple of games, right Mr. Epstein? *
Kyle, it isn't fair to point fingers. We're still leading the division race and as long as we're still the best team in Major League Baseball, all we have to do from this point on is build on that.
Whatever. Eric still sucks...
Forget this weekend, dude, let's use your iPhone to go on You Tube and watch videos of me kicking ass!
Or sucking ass.
Oh bring it on, Frenchy!
Tito, they aren't listening to me. You need to give them some words of encouragement.
Hmmm...okay, how about this? Fellas, just stop sucking, okay?
We sure are trying, skip.
We sure are.
I'll do what I can tomorrow, Tito.
:happily sighs:
I'll have your back, Wake.
*I felt it necessary to print the quote from the real Kyle about Gagne:

"We've got to come together. It's not one person's fault in this locker room. I think everybody in here is accountable. We take responsibility for ourselves, and there isn't a single person in here pointing fingers at anybody."