Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I didn't get to make the World Series parade but I did get to get to Boston the weekend after...and this is why I came. Thank you Sox Sistahs for being my friend. Thanks for giving me another venue to express myself. Thank you for being you. I have great confidence in our boys for 2008. Here's wishing all of you and your families health and happiness for the upcoming year.

Let's Go Red Sox!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Santa,

I think I speak for all the Sistahs here. Thank you for bringing Christmas in October. And thank you for all the blessed friends on here and other boards we've met. Thanks for the great gift in 2004 too. I won't ask for all those dvd's, cd's, books, posters, and other things mlb, nesn, and the globe and others are selling....I'll just buy them myself. I would like one tiny little gift if ya can?

Could you make it February 14th tomorrow?


Tex, a Red Sox junkie

P.S. the day AFTER tomorrow is fine too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's December 10th...

...I'm not sure I can take much more of this no baseball stuff!

Luckily, this week, NESN is releasing "Champions Again", the dvd of the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox.

If "Faith Rewarded" is anything to go by, this should be a great addition to your collection. The official MLB dvd was nice, but if you want more of the season than just a quick "they were in first place for almost the entire season", the NESN dvd will most likely be the one you want!

Mike Lowell is back for the 2008 season. As are Mike Timlin and Curt Schilling. A good lot of our guys will be back from 2007 - so watching this dvd will just whet our appetite for the 2008 season, instead of make us long for 2007 again.

I don't mean to do a commercial for NESN. I just want folks to remember that, even though there is ice on the ground and we're bundled up drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas specials, we can still get our fix of baseball. And, really, isn't that the best present of all? :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007


(With apologies to The Kinks and Ray Davies)

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

We got him from a club down in Florida
Where they won a World Series but all they wanted was Guillermo Mota

We got him in the deal with Josh Beckett
He cost a lot of dough; we figured what the heck
send us Lowell...(our MVP) Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.

Well he's not the world's youngest third baseman
But when he hits those doubles we're all in heaven
Oh Mike Lowell. Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo Lowell.

Well he's not dumb and he has great hands
And when he's throws them out at first we all get up and stand
For Mike Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.

Well he drank champagne while Paps danced all night
Under Granite City's Electric light
He's won two World Series' and an MVP
And he might end up being an MF Yankee

Well we are the world's most passionate fans
and we know what we want; we want this man
Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.
Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.

Don't push him away
Don't let him walk to the door
We're all on the floor
And all on our knees
Sign Mike Lowell now, oh Theo please

Cause that's the way that we want it to stay
And we always want it to be that way for Mike Lowell
Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell

Youk will play first and Mike will play third
No need to mix up or muddle our perfect world.
Sign Mike Lowell.
Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.

Well he was at Disney just a day before
and we never saw him ride the teacups before
But Lowell smiled and played at being Grand
He lead the parade and we all gave him a hand

He might not be a twenty year-old man
But we know what he is and we're glad he's OUR man
And so is Lowell
Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.
Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell. Lo-lo-lo-lo Lowell.

Photo courtesy of

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Red Sox World Series Holiday Cards

Isn't this just the cutest holiday card? It was designed by two of my sisters (one of them is SoxCruiser who also blogs here). I think they did a fabulous job and we've only had to wait two years for this card to become a perfect Red Sox holiday card (it was designed in 2005). The inside message says "Miracles Do Happen".

Now, if you're not into the cutesy snowman type card but want to celebrate the Sox winning another World Series, there's also a Red Sox Christmas tree card with the message "Celebrate the Joy of the Season" and the Sox did have a very joyous season. If you prefer a more traditional card, we also have an Angel card with the words "Peace Joy Hope" on the front.
All the proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to the ALS Association and has been earmarked to go towards research at the national level. Because Red Sox Nation is spread out all over the world, we wanted the money to help everyone and not just the patients in one state.
The cards cost $10 for a package of 20 cards and can be ordered by going to and click on the holiday cards link. You will be directed to the FL Chapter of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and they are handling all the card orders for us. You may pay by credit card over the Internet or you may place your order by phone at 1-888-257-1717.
Celebrate the Red Sox being the 2007 World Series Champions and help a great charity at the same time.
Speaking of ALS, it's great news that Curt Schilling will be back with the Sox for one more year. By the way, all the 2005 cards have K ALS somewhere on the card.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Re-Sign Lowell!" and other random thoughts

Photo from

I was talking with friends at the Rolling Rally on Tuesday (Y'all did know the Red Sox won the World Series, right???) and we were talking about how 'annoyed' Theo looked during post-game interviews on the field Sunday night. Regardless of which station it was on or who was doing the interview. Every time Theo was in the spotlight, there were hundreds of fans in Colorado chanting "Re-sign Low-ell!" and "Don't Sign A-Rod!". He couldn't get away from it.

I was annoyed by Theo's annoyance. I mean, what did he expect? ARod and Scott Boras make the dramatic announcement in the 8th inning of the final game of the World Series, and the world starts talking about the Sox picking ARod up. With technology being what it is, everyone at the stadium got the news at the same time the television-viewing public did. Theo had to know what was on the mind of the fans who chanted "MVP" every time Lowell came up to bat in Fenway in September. (Something that amused the hell out of me since we all knew he wouldn't get the AL MVP, yet we still wanted him to know he WAS the MVP...then he gets the World Series is funny sometimes - but I digress!)

So I thought Theo was being a little jerky. And then my friend mentioned something I hadn't thought of. Telling Theo to re-sign Lowell is akin to telling a pitcher to "throw strikes".

Holy cow, she was right. And it never occurred to me.

Of COURSE Theo knows he should try to re-sign Lowell. But there are many other things in play here. The possible hard-on that John Henry supposedly has for ARod. The fact that Mike Lowell just had a career year topped off by being World Series MVP (have I mentioned that the Red Sox won the World Series?) and he might want to test the free-agency waters to make his big pay day/final push at being in one place for the rest of his career.

I chanted 're-sign Lowell' at the Rolling Rally. I also chanted "Thank you" to Theo, Larry, Tom and John Henry...along with yelling for Kyle Snyder and basically screaming for the entire team.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a realistic view of what is going on here.

Mike Lowell has an opportunity to cash in on a huge payday. He has an opportunity to sign a long-term contract that will, most likely take him through the rest of his career. (In February 2008, Lowell turns 34.) He has explicitly stated that he would entertain the idea of playing for the Yankees (it's where he started his career) even though he also stated that the Red Sox are the team where he wants to stay.

The point being, Theo certainly has a say in whether or not Mike Lowell gets re-signed. But guess what folks? So does Mike Lowell. And in as much as I think the Red Sox should (and will) make a fair offer to him, it's going to be up to him as to whether he thinks 'fair' is good enough.

I think he deserves as much money as he can get. And I fervently hope that the offer he chooses is the one that comes from Boston. But if the unspeakable happens, and he ends up somewhere else, we're going to have to sit back and analyze all aspects of this situation before we start pointing fingers toward the ones we think are to blame for this.

Based on absolutely nothing but my own feelings, I have a strong belief that the Sox and Lowell are going to come to an agreement and "Mikey" will be on third for many years to come.

For now, I'm basking in the glory of a second World Championship, in my lifetime, and trying not to worry about the 'housekeeping' that's yet to come.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No, I Don't Have Tickets!!!

October is a magical time in New England. The smell of the first wood fires, pumpkins, cornstalks, fresh apple crisp, and the ultimate thrill….the possibility of the Red Sox being in the post season. There is nothing like a Red Soxtober. Unless…you don’t have tickets.

The people I work with and socialize with usually consider me to be the biggest Red Sox fan they know. I’m completely positive and passionate about my team and they know that my first game at Fenway was October 1st 1967 when they won the pennant. Then I went to every opening day from 1968 for thirteen years. I was there for games two, six and seven for the World Series in 1975, because I got up and stood in line at Fenway as soon as the “T” opened at 5:00 AM. My sister gave me tickets in 1986 for the playoff with the Angels and to game 5 of the World Series with the Mets. That’s the game where the sing song chant of “Darrell” first surfaced and is now used substituting any new target that fits, such as “Roger” during the 1999 Pedro vs. Roger 2003 play off game. I was at that game too. Then you have the 2003 playoff game when Trot hit the walk off homer…I was there. Oh, remember the Pedro game when he threw down Don Zimmer? Yup, I was there. I even have a ticket for the sixth game of the 2003 World Series, which of course, I never got to use.

Then came 2004 and the “lottery” system for purchasing playoff tickets. I have entered every lottery and nope…I still haven’t won one of them. I don’t buy scalper tickets and I do consider ticket agencies to be scalper tickets. Oh, let me correct that last statement. In 1975 I had tickets for game two and seven but not six. I was petrified that I wouldn’t see the Sox play again and during the three day rain delay I tried to find a ticket to game six. While eating at Betty’s Rolls Royce in Haymarket Square, the waiter mentioned he had an extra ticket. I paid $20 for a single bleacher ticket. I got so much grief from people who thought I was totally crazy for buying a single bleacher ticket for $20. Well I still have the ticket stub, as I have all my ticket stubs, and I will never regret paying $20 for that ticket, which is still touted as one of the best games ever.

So what’s my point here? Well every day someone sees me and asks if I have tickets to the post season games and it just irks me. I guess I should be happy my Sox are so popular, but I’m not. I hate explaining to people that yes I applied for the lottery drawing but once again, I was rejected. Somehow people believed I must have some connection if I went to all those other games. They just don’t realize that in the past if you really tried you could end up with a ticket. That isn’t the case any longer, as just like the name implies, it is a lottery. Most people know the chances of winning a lottery.

So, no, I won’t be going to the post season at Fenway, but then again I won’t be paying $7 a beer and $60 for parking. I will however be enjoying every minute sitting in my leather chair in front of my 54 inch HDTV. I am thankful that I get a chance to watch the team I love, the 2007 Red Sox, play in the World Series. Go Sox!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Muy Grande Pitching

"Winning the World Series and shooting a big old buck are the same kind of feeling. They're such a huge rush. There's nothing else that's given me that kind of feeling in my life." That's a quote from Beckett back in 2005 from a Field and Stream magazine. According to Josh, he's a huge fanatic of hunting....he even won the Muy Grande in 2002. Tonight Josh was the Muy Grande of Fenway Park. He came in to hunt for his game...the Indians and got them.

He only allowed 4 hits and 2 runs, one of them being a Pronker Homer....but no walks. Meanwhile, Sabathia just allowed hit and hit then helped us with the go ahead run by a walking it in.

I'm sorry for the time off of the board but I just took a Muy Grande new Job and have been really busy and my home computer went on the fritz and well I just have a life ya know :)
But today I got back on track....just in time for the ALCS....and just in time for Josh. My good ole Texas boy.
**Im just double dipping from my newly post from my blog...but since KellyJ was so demanding on a post....I figure she can't complain :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


It isn't as if my sistahs are EVER at a loss for words, and it isn't as if there's been nothing going on, so why the dearth of posting here in the last (counting on all fingers and toes) 36 days?

Somebody get in here and write something brilliant, before I have to round you all up and smack you all upside the head.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

There's a New Sheriff in Town

*pic courtesy of Globe

Gosh..where do I begin?? There were at least 3 Sistahs that I know of who were AT THE GAME last night!!! I was stoked about Clay getting called up for September and could not wait to see him pitch again. I hear some talk about how young Clay a 12 yr old...Well My Friends...That 12 yr old Man just pitched a NO HITTER!!! AT his 2nd Major League Game!! There is NO way I can do justice at describing the event as even though I watched most of it, I had a prior planned night so I missed seeing the entire game. I just wanted to post about it and wait for my Sistahs who were tell me their stories....

Cruiser, Brenken and Beazer....Come ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bringing Down a Hero

That pic of Joshua Patrick was taken by myself in San Diego. If you know anything about Joshua Patrick, you know that Roger Clemens has been someone he's role modeled after. After all, Roger played for the University of Texas and helped them win a College World Series. Josh used to play as a kid pretending to be Roger...well trying to pitch like him. Josh is cocky like Roger. Josh has 'the stuff' like Roger. But Roger ain't J.P. It will be an interesting match in more ways than the obvious ones. A Texan against a Texan. Ex-Red Sox pitcher vs. a current one.
Make no mistake...tomorrow night when the game starts, there's only one true Texan who'll take the mound in Yankee Stadium: Joshua Patrick Beckett...born and raised in Southeast Texas. Attended school all his life around Spring and played little league throughout high school there. Clemens was born and raised in Ohio and didn't move to Texas till his high school years. So although he attended UT (or tu as Texas A&M fans call it), he ain't no Texan.
The HUGE reason this will be an interesting match for me is Roger is THE reason I am a Red Sox fan....and until this past year I had defended him. But when he decided to unretire AGAIN and go to the turned my stomach and I turned my soul away. Josh Beckett is the TEX-Man of the Hour as far as I'm concerned. I don't need a player to keep me a Red Sox fan...I'm here and staying. I'm a loyal Texan and I'll root for the Texas boys who come and go....but I'll live and die a Red Sox fan.
This post is dedicated to all my Sistahs and others who patiently waited for my deliverance from the fat one. It took some time I know but thanks for smiling while ya poked yourself in the eye when I'd post his pics and talk lovingly about him. HEY BECKETT...when you take the mound tonight WIN it for MY SISTAHS!! and Win it For ME!!

So at 7:05p.m., when the game starts....don't be fooled by the razzle dazzle the Yanks try to pull over your eyes....Roger ain't no Texan and he ain't no friend of mine.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the Flight Back from Baltimore

You suck!
No,you suck!
That's enough, fellas. Don't make me separate you!
He started it.
Did not.
Did too.
You guys won't be happy 'til I knock someone on their ass, right?
Calm down, Tito. No one is getting knocked on their ass. We lost a couple of games...
You mean Eric lost a couple of games, right Mr. Epstein? *
Kyle, it isn't fair to point fingers. We're still leading the division race and as long as we're still the best team in Major League Baseball, all we have to do from this point on is build on that.
Whatever. Eric still sucks...
Forget this weekend, dude, let's use your iPhone to go on You Tube and watch videos of me kicking ass!
Or sucking ass.
Oh bring it on, Frenchy!
Tito, they aren't listening to me. You need to give them some words of encouragement.
Hmmm...okay, how about this? Fellas, just stop sucking, okay?
We sure are trying, skip.
We sure are.
I'll do what I can tomorrow, Tito.
:happily sighs:
I'll have your back, Wake.
*I felt it necessary to print the quote from the real Kyle about Gagne:

"We've got to come together. It's not one person's fault in this locker room. I think everybody in here is accountable. We take responsibility for ourselves, and there isn't a single person in here pointing fingers at anybody."

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Top Ten List to Pass the Time

From the home office in Oxford, Ohio, the top ten excuses the Yankees have for being in second place:

10. It's only July

9. Kei Igawa can only pitch effectively in months ending in 'pril.

8. Mike Mussina misses Randy Johnson.

7. The team prefers Liza's version of New York, New York over Frank's.

6. Joe Torre quit two months ago and was replaced by a wax replica.

5. Derek Jeter spent the better part of the first half online voting himself into the All Star Game.

4. ESPN hasn't been paying enough attention to them.

3. They're working on that "lovable loser" tag so their fans will appreciate them more when they do win.

2. Ever since the series in Toronto, strippers don't want to hang out with ARod

and the number one excuse the Yankees have for being in second place:

1. Well, damn, the Red Sox are just an all-around better team!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Cell Phone Rings at McAfee Coliseum

(looks at phone) I don't recognize this number. (answers) Hello?


Hel-loooo, is anyone there?

(whispering) You worthless, ungrateful lout. I can't believe you did this to me...

What? Hey, who is this?

Shut up, punk. I'm doing the talking here. I can't believe I rearranged my life just to watch you pitch, and for what, to see my team be humiliated...

Hey lady, I don't know what you want or even who you are...

You don't know who I am? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM??? I'll tell you who I am. I'm the one who went to bed at 7:00 last night just so I could get up and watch you make your stupid little start in the middle of the night. If I had known how badly you'd screw it up, I wouldn't have gone through the trouble.

Screw it up? I was great!

Sure you were, Mr. Big Shot, and that's the problem. The Red Sox rescued you from the Mets' Rule 5 scrap heap, gave you a chance to pitch when you sucked wind, even gave you a World Series ring, and what thanks do they get? You shut them out for seven innings. You should be ashamed of yourself. I swear, I oughtta...

Wait a minute...your voice sounds familiar. Who is this? Do I know you?

Oh, how soon they forget. Maybe this rings a bell. "Do me, Lenny" (clap, clap, clap clap clap)...

That's it! I knew I recognized your voice from somewhere. Hey, I thought you liked me!

"Liked" being the operative word, douchebag. Past tense. You had your chance and you blew it. If you can't show a little more loyalty, I'm banishing you forever from my erotic fantasies. (click)

(staring at the phone) Man, that was scary. What a psycho.