Sunday, April 30, 2006

A cell phone rings in the middle of the night... (Part 2)

(wearily) Hi Lenny.
Hey, B! S'up?
S'up? Lenny, you got your ass kicked again. That's "S'up"!
Dude, didn't you watch the whole game?
I didn't watch any of the game, Len. Johnny text messaged me updates.
Sox are getting their asses kicked, dude! Man, they sure do miss us!
B, dude...we won!
No way!
Cool. Did you get the win?
Well, no. Foulkie got the win.
Burger King for everyone, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it looks like they saved your ass, yet again, dude.
Dude! That is so uncool!
I know, dude! The truth hurts. Just wait until they get'll be singing the blues in Pawtucket.
That's funny, B. I'm not the singer, you are.
Singer? Bro, he doesn't even know one Kenny Chesney song!
Listen, Len, I have to go...Dave Weathers...
Yeah, yeah...I know. Big deal. I have breakfast plans too!
Who would take you to breakfast?
Dude, he's not taking me. I'm taking him.
Wild thing. I make my heart sing.
(sighs and hangs up the phone)

Edited to add props (or apologies) to Surviving Grady and The Dugout.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found this through "Bronson Arroyo Lives!" and your blogs seriously crack me up. Especially the Lenny/Bronson phone calls! Just wanted to let you know. : )

Katie said...

that's awesome lol that just made my day

The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

Why are Papelbon, Timlin, and Demon all stretched?

Dynah said...
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Beazer said...

I didn't size them the way I did Lenny and Bronson. Ah, well.

Varitekchick said...

I CERTAINLY hope you're not insinuating that Lenny's new love interest is my Wild Thing! There's to be no blasphemy in the Sistah's blog!

Beazer said...

Not love interest.

But, pretty much, the person Lenny most owes sexual favors to.