Saturday, May 20, 2006

David Ortiz and the All-Star Game

I love David Ortiz!
I’m happy he wears a Red Sox uniform.
I’m overjoyed that the Red Sox signed him to a new, long contract.
He deserved to win the 2005 MVP trophy.
He deserved to play on the 2005 All-Star team as the DH.
He does NOT deserve to be elected to the 2006 All-Star team as a first baseman.

Ortiz played first base Friday night and he did a fine job at that position and hit a home run. It was the first time he’d played first base since July 16, 2005. By the time the All-Star game is played he may play first base another 10 times. This, alone, should not qualify someone to be elected to that position on an All-Star team.

Let’s look at the other numbers.
I looked up these numbers before the game last night so they do not take into account any stats from Friday’s games. Ortiz was tied with Travis Hafner for the most home runs by all first basemen. He was second behind Travis Hafner in RBI’s. Hafner’s batting average is .331 and Ortiz is batting .268.
In my mind, that puts Hafner over Ortiz when I mark my All-Star ballot.

I wait to vote for my All-Star picks until the middle of June and then I look at and compare all the stats of the players to make my choices. The stats do not tell me how this player fields his position or if they play this position on a regular basis. When I look up Travis Hafner who plays for the Cleveland Indians, guess what I find? He’s their designated hitter also! Let’s see, who plays first base for the Indians? Why it’s Ben Broussard with a .388 batting average this year. Why isn’t he good enough to be considered for the All-Star team?

Each team is only allowed to submit one name per position to be on the All-Star ballot. Kevin Youkilis and Ben Broussard deserve to have their names put on the ballot this year. Kevin Youkilis is hitting .309 and has done a very nice job in the field for the Red Sox. It’s too bad this is a year that the DH won’t be used during the All-Star game but I don’t think their names should be on the ballot if that is not the position they play on a regular basis.

I’m not saying Youkilis or Broussard should be elected to the All-Star team but vote responsibly and write in their names at the bottom of the ballot if you think they are deserving of the recognition. Remember, the All-Star game now means something so we want the best team on the field to win home field advantage for the American League.


Soxcruiser said...

I totally agree with you on this one. Unfortunately I remember being at Fenway years back as a kid and getting the paper ballots handed out. It was strictly a popularity contest. I didn't even know the names of the other players so I always would punch out the Red Sox players on my ballot. Now with everything at our finger tips, because of the Internet, it makes it much easier to compare stats and make educated decisions regarding who should be on the All Star team. I also wait to fill out my ballot until the very last minute.

Unfortunately, the Internet also allows people to vote something like 25 times and so once again the team with the most avid or is that rabid fans usually end up with the most players elected to the team.

Brenken said...

Don't forget Ichiro who has a whole country to vote for him.

Soxcruiser said...

Well Ichiro actually has more than that since I always seem to vote for him, and I know one or two other sistahs that I'm sure vote for him as well.

Beazer said...

Hey even I remember getting the paper ballots at Fenway!

I love me some Big Papi...but I totally agree...well put, Brenken. I'm writing in Youkilis!

Varitekchick said...

Right on, Sistah!

And WRITE IN, Sistahs!

I'm writing in Youk! I love Papi, too, but ain't no way it's fair for him to be on there as a 1st baseman!

I also remember getting paper ballots at Veteran's Stadium in Philly. Back when there WAS a Veteran's Stadium! Damn, we all must be old! ;)