Thursday, November 08, 2007

Red Sox World Series Holiday Cards

Isn't this just the cutest holiday card? It was designed by two of my sisters (one of them is SoxCruiser who also blogs here). I think they did a fabulous job and we've only had to wait two years for this card to become a perfect Red Sox holiday card (it was designed in 2005). The inside message says "Miracles Do Happen".

Now, if you're not into the cutesy snowman type card but want to celebrate the Sox winning another World Series, there's also a Red Sox Christmas tree card with the message "Celebrate the Joy of the Season" and the Sox did have a very joyous season. If you prefer a more traditional card, we also have an Angel card with the words "Peace Joy Hope" on the front.
All the proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to the ALS Association and has been earmarked to go towards research at the national level. Because Red Sox Nation is spread out all over the world, we wanted the money to help everyone and not just the patients in one state.
The cards cost $10 for a package of 20 cards and can be ordered by going to and click on the holiday cards link. You will be directed to the FL Chapter of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and they are handling all the card orders for us. You may pay by credit card over the Internet or you may place your order by phone at 1-888-257-1717.
Celebrate the Red Sox being the 2007 World Series Champions and help a great charity at the same time.
Speaking of ALS, it's great news that Curt Schilling will be back with the Sox for one more year. By the way, all the 2005 cards have K ALS somewhere on the card.

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Soxcruiser said...

I had missed this post. It shocked me to open up the blog and see the little snowman. At 50 cents a card these are an incredible bargain.