Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Re-Sign Lowell!" and other random thoughts

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I was talking with friends at the Rolling Rally on Tuesday (Y'all did know the Red Sox won the World Series, right???) and we were talking about how 'annoyed' Theo looked during post-game interviews on the field Sunday night. Regardless of which station it was on or who was doing the interview. Every time Theo was in the spotlight, there were hundreds of fans in Colorado chanting "Re-sign Low-ell!" and "Don't Sign A-Rod!". He couldn't get away from it.

I was annoyed by Theo's annoyance. I mean, what did he expect? ARod and Scott Boras make the dramatic announcement in the 8th inning of the final game of the World Series, and the world starts talking about the Sox picking ARod up. With technology being what it is, everyone at the stadium got the news at the same time the television-viewing public did. Theo had to know what was on the mind of the fans who chanted "MVP" every time Lowell came up to bat in Fenway in September. (Something that amused the hell out of me since we all knew he wouldn't get the AL MVP, yet we still wanted him to know he WAS the MVP...then he gets the World Series is funny sometimes - but I digress!)

So I thought Theo was being a little jerky. And then my friend mentioned something I hadn't thought of. Telling Theo to re-sign Lowell is akin to telling a pitcher to "throw strikes".

Holy cow, she was right. And it never occurred to me.

Of COURSE Theo knows he should try to re-sign Lowell. But there are many other things in play here. The possible hard-on that John Henry supposedly has for ARod. The fact that Mike Lowell just had a career year topped off by being World Series MVP (have I mentioned that the Red Sox won the World Series?) and he might want to test the free-agency waters to make his big pay day/final push at being in one place for the rest of his career.

I chanted 're-sign Lowell' at the Rolling Rally. I also chanted "Thank you" to Theo, Larry, Tom and John Henry...along with yelling for Kyle Snyder and basically screaming for the entire team.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a realistic view of what is going on here.

Mike Lowell has an opportunity to cash in on a huge payday. He has an opportunity to sign a long-term contract that will, most likely take him through the rest of his career. (In February 2008, Lowell turns 34.) He has explicitly stated that he would entertain the idea of playing for the Yankees (it's where he started his career) even though he also stated that the Red Sox are the team where he wants to stay.

The point being, Theo certainly has a say in whether or not Mike Lowell gets re-signed. But guess what folks? So does Mike Lowell. And in as much as I think the Red Sox should (and will) make a fair offer to him, it's going to be up to him as to whether he thinks 'fair' is good enough.

I think he deserves as much money as he can get. And I fervently hope that the offer he chooses is the one that comes from Boston. But if the unspeakable happens, and he ends up somewhere else, we're going to have to sit back and analyze all aspects of this situation before we start pointing fingers toward the ones we think are to blame for this.

Based on absolutely nothing but my own feelings, I have a strong belief that the Sox and Lowell are going to come to an agreement and "Mikey" will be on third for many years to come.

For now, I'm basking in the glory of a second World Championship, in my lifetime, and trying not to worry about the 'housekeeping' that's yet to come.


Key Dear said...

Mike Lowell is my favorite player. Being down in the Florida Keys, we had the opportunity to meet the new "Marlins" team in Key West years ago. I have followed him ever since. I have been a Red Sox fan all my life, we down here knew that signing Mike to the Red Sox was a huge WIN WIN situation for Boston and were upset that they didn't really "see" what they were getting then. Now they see... Now it is so apparent it is in their face. Boston is his niche... he looks sooooooooo good in the Red Sox uniform..... I hate the Yank'it's, they are A**holes and always have been. I want A-Rod to go to Tampa so all our Nation fans can continue to harass him there. MVP is right!! Lowell is dreamy!
Your blog group is fantastic, thanks for all the fun I have reading it!

Michael Leggett said...

Alex(is)Rodriguez is often known as "The Cooler" for his personality(Or Lack Of It)in The Clubhouse & for his plate Appearances, where he'll get that HR when the team is up or down by 6 Runs:

He, in most seasons, is a Stats Padder;

A-Rod & Scott Boras would want $350M, just for the honor of kissing A-Rod's Arse in Macy's Window, with FOX to capture the Magic Moment

Michael Leggett said...

Unfortunately, part of Theo's Legacy, includes one Eric Gagne', who almost caused the team to choke away the AL East Championship:

Never trade away tested potential for a broken down bus.

Princess B said...

Here's hoping Lowell is with us come Spring Training.

The rally was fun. The best sign I saw there was "A-Rod is enjoying his free taco right now."

Tex said...

my 2 cents?

Sign Mikey Now. but I think Theo knows that so Ill just bask in the afterglow of the WS

Soxcruiser said...

Oh Cyn I hope you are correct. The Yankees are going to throw mad money at Mikey IMO, and I'm sure the Sox have a cap as to how high they are willing to go. I feel the Yankees will definitely beat our numbers and over pay to beat the Red Sox. At what point does more money not matter to a player?

Mikey isn't Schilling and has never mentioned a hometown discount. Sure he likes it here but what is that worth?

I will always love and respect Mike Lowell no matter what decision he makes. He didn't make the mistake of saying he would never play for the Yankees and he actually started his career with the Yankees.

I so hope he likes trick or treating with the Varitek family enough to want to keep his family in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Snyder is gay.

Beazer said...

// Anonymous said...

Kyle Snyder is gay.//

Don't be jealous, Bronson.

Tex said...

\\Don't be jealous, Bronson.//

OMG I just fell off my bed Laughing!!!! LOLOLOL!!!