Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A cell phone rings in Boston...

::stares at the phone:: Don't answer it. Don't answer it.
::stares at the phone:: Answer the phone, dude! Answer the phone!
(sighs as he answers the phone) What is it Bronson?
Dude! The season's over! We need to celebrate!
Celebrate? Bronson, the Sox finished third in the AL East. We finished behind the freaking BLUE JAYS. Papa Jack and Wally both got shitcanned because of how bad we played. What the hell do I have to celebrate?
Lenny, honey, who's on the phone?
Who the hell is THAT?
Dude! Who's the chick??
Bronson, I can explain... have a GIRLfriend?
It's not what you think...
(laughs) No kidding, dude!
I'm going shopping and I'm taking your credit card. See you later!
(sighs) God, I need a drink.
Dude! I can be on a plane and in Boston by midnight! I'm calling Millar! We're gonna PARTY, dude!!!
I gotta get some new friends.

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With props (or apologies) to Surviving Grady and The Dugout.


The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

Hey, that roster also includes Jacoby Ellsbury, Michael Garciaparra, and David Pauley. I know Garciaparra isn't ours, but hey...

Beazer said...

I was pretty excited to see Michael's name there too!

And kudos to Lenny for doing this...he's the second-oldest guy on the team.

Tito suggested this for David Murphy and Javier Lopez and they both refused. :-/

Katiee said...

this was absolutely hilarious

Rebecca said...

Hey - don't stop posting now....the offseason's just as much fun as the regular season...all the wheeling and dealing!

A Jason Varitek Stalker
No, not really...but you know what I mean! ;)

The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

Never fear, Rebecca. I just posted another entry. And we have a new sistah on board (hi Tex) who, let's just say, knows how to TALK. Let the good times roll!