Sunday, August 06, 2006

Somewhere in Kansas City...a cell phone rings

(Whispers) Bronson, I can't talk right now!
Lenny! Dude! I'm WASTED!!
So what else is new? Bronson, I CAN'T TALK! We're having a team meeting!
A team meeting? Dude, you're still on the DL! You don't need to go to those!
B, man I'm THIS close to coming back!
DiNardo! Get the hell off the phone!
Dude, now you got me in trouble!
Is that Tito??? Tell him I said "hey"!
B, I am NOT telling him you said, "hey". I gotta go!
Who said, "hey"? Is that Arroyo??
Skip, I'm hanging up now.
Ask him if he misses me! Pleeeease!!!
(sighs) Bronson wants to know if you miss him.
::Looks at his bullpen::
::bangs his head against the wall::
DiNardo. Hang up on Arroyo and get Theo on the phone.
Yeah. Maybe I can talk him into trading me!

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With props (or apologies) to Surviving Grady and The Dugout.


Julie said...

cyn these conversations are too funny! i love them! :)

crimsonalumna said...

It must have been fate that I accdentally stumbled on this blog, only to discover that I was still capable of smiling after the debacle last night.

At multiple points during last night's game, I actually found myself "rubber-necking;" like not wanting to view the aftermath of a horrific car wreck, but having my face pressed up to the driver's side window nonetheless.

During the course of the game, I found that incessant swearing did little to: (1) put the whammy on KCR; (2) change the course of the Sox pitching and/or hitting and (3) relieve my panic attack(s).

O.K. so (as I am saying to myself), suck it up and deal...tonight's another game.

After reading this blog, I have a new-found strength to face the multitude of Yankee fans that have confirmed my anomalous existence as a transplanted Bostonian living in upstate New York.

Here's hoping for a win tonight (for a change) and please, dear God, save all of us faithful from Tavarez.

Michael Leggett said...

Francona asking Theo for a Trade?


Michael Leggett said...

Last night, I watched on FSN-Midwest in NYC:

I sipped my Harpoon IPA;

I cried in it;

I barfed afterwards;

Then, I went to sleep.