Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Like Mike

But do I really want him in the bullpen for another season?

Mike TimlinThat is the question on many Red Sox fans' lips following the announcement that the Red Sox have signed Mike Timlin to a one-year contract for 2007. To understand the reluctance, consider that Timlin's 2006 ERA was 4.36, significantly higher than his 3.55 career ERA; his strikeouts-to-walks ratio was down to 1.88 compared to 3.75 for his previous three years in a Red Sox uniform; and he blew almost half (8 of 17) of his save opportunities. It's hard to know if his sub-par season was more a function of his age (40) or the fact that he began the season not tuning up in spring training but rather playing full bore in the World Baseball Classic.

On the up side, Timlin is evidently a positive veteran influence on the younger pitchers coming up (and there are so very many of those young pitchers who need shepherding). He forever endeared himself to many fans back in 2003, when he was part of the postseason lights-out bullpen combo of Embree, Timlin, and Williamson.

Besides, I like his entrance music. I happen to know that Beazer harbors certain, um, thoughts about him from time to time. And he's a Texan, as our newest posting sistah, Tex, will tell you as often as she can.

So maybe it will work out after all.


Brenken said...

I like Mike, too, but I'm not 100% sure his age hasn't caught up with him. The World Baseball Classic was often cited as the possible cause of his problems last year but I'm a little sceptical of that excuse.
I agree that he's a good clubhouse presence for the young pitchers but he may need to think about becoming a pitching coach if he doesn't have a better year than last year.
We'll see.....

Beazer said...

Between the WBC and the season before with Tito using him until his arm was about to fall off, I think the way he pitched this past season isn't what we'll see in 2007.

And, you bet your bippy I have certain feelings for him! :-)

But I also think this signing is a no-brainer. If they use him properly he'll do nothing but help the team.

kaylee said...

I welcome him back in any role but the closer's role

The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

Kaylee, you say that like you have a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder from watching him close :)

Michael Leggett said...

Having grown up in the '60s & '70s, a player was old at 35 & SUPER Old at 40 & a 40 YR old was EXTREMELY-Rare:

2 Examples in 1969 were Mets 3rd Baseman Ed Charles(40) & Veteran Knuckleball Pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm(49);

Now, we've seen Roger Rocket Clemens at Age 44, in this past Season, as well as Julio Franco at Age 48, who was in Postseason;

& to that Guy in the FOX Booth, who dyes his hair, we know how old you are, Tim. I've seen you in your playing days & PLEASE Grow Older, Gracefully.

Tex said...

Having Timlin around guarantees that the Cuban Flag will show up at ST and Fenway. For that you should be happy :)

oh and btw...Timlin is FROM TEXAS!