Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reflecting on the 2006 Season

While enjoying a few cocktails with a some of my Sox Sistahs at the Cask, I ventured onto the topic of what they thought of the 2006 Red Sox season. People have a tendency to seek me out to discuss everything Sox and I have been amazed at how negative people have been about the 2006 season. It surprises me, because I don't really judge a season by the standings at the end of the year. I look at the big picture of the entire season. If for the most part I have been able to enjoy a full season of competitive baseball, then I'm happy. Here are some of the memories of 2006 that helped make the season bright for me.

  • I was thrilled to see Curt Schilling pitch in early April like the Curt Schilling we knew in 2004.

  • Kevin Youkilis at first base playing like he was born to be on first.

  • Our incredible defensive infield, Yo Lo Go Lo Va.

  • Everything about Mike Lowell.

  • Mark Loretta's walk off on Patriots Day.

  • Jonathan Papelbon shutting the other team down in the ninth.

  • Watching Jon Lester get his first major league win.

  • Doug Mirabelli's dramatic entrance back with the Red Sox right before game time.

  • Seeing the rookies get hazed by the veterans.

  • Jason Varitek breaking Carlton Fisk's Red Sox catching record.

  • David Ortiz and his outstanding 54 home runs.

Well off the top of my head these are what I remember about the 2006 season. I'm sure I've missed a few stellar moments and would love to have some additional input, so please comment and add your own favorite moments of 2006.

Here's to a Winning 2007!


Beazer said...

Cruiser, everything you touched on, I agree with 100%.

While, technically, the 2006 season was a bust, there is so much we got to see and enjoy that I really don't look at it that way.

I'd like to add Kyle Snyder and Kason Gabbard to the list. They certainly aren't Aces, but they came on the team at a time when we needed pitching more than we needed to breathe...and they didn't suck. There were a lot of guys on the team (Hansen, Delcarmen, Breslow all come to mind) who probably weren't quite ready for prime time, but the team needed them and they gave it there all.

Also, Julian Tavarez going from a reliever we wanted to cry over to a decent starting pitcher...and Haverhill's own Carlos Pena giving us all something to cheer about on Labor Day!

How about Coco's amazing catch after drinking the Red Bull? (OR Adam Stern's amazing catch to end the game against the Yankees?)

Man, I could do this all night. There was a LOT to appreciate in 2006!

Soxcruiser said...

Oh I had forgotten all about Adam Stern's snowcone catch! That one was such a delight and then he got in trouble because he hadn't played his position as he was instructed. Not only was that catch Coco made fabulous but so is his smile.

I agree about all the young pitchers that we had an opportunity to see last year and Kyle and Kason do deserve a separate shout out. Also, I was so thrilled for Carlos Pena having the chance to play at Fenway and to experience a moment like on Labor Day. Just talking about all these wonderful memories makes me long for our boys of summer.

Tex said...

While perhaps I should reflect on the Red Sox games and players for 2006 things I remember, I choose to remember the season for incidents that I experienced:

2006 SFAC: Getting Schillings Porn 'stache Rookie card and getting him to sign my WS bottle opener!

2006 ST games: Enjoying my 2nd year with some of the LMotfer crew and our newest member: Mackenzie

2006 Ranger Opening Day game: Getting to see the Red Sox play in all 3 game series and getting to meet Loyal off the rsff board

July LMotFer game: finally putting faces with the rest of those names off the rsff board and flying my flag

Astros game: getting to see Roger pitch at Minute Maid on the day his mother passed...he pitched gloriously!

August: going to the Angels - Red Sox series in L.A. with SotB!

September: SotB coming to ACL music festival in Austin, getting to see Tom Petty!

and last but not least:
Finally Joining the SoxSistahs Blog and creating my own Blog!

and I think JimEd is right, This is the Year of the Dice!

Soxcruiser said...

Tex, there isn't any right or wrong answers and personally I remember quite a few incidents in my life specifically to Red Sox games so making this personal is fine with me. The Red Sox are just part of my friends and family and make my life more colorful.

Tex said...

Ok I want to know where the rest of the Sistahs are. I mean if Tex can figure this out shouldn't they? Who is missing? Kay is I know.

I need to figure out what kind of post I am going to do next. I started my own blog and by no means is it near Cyn's or KellyJ's but its mine and I'm enjoying it.

Soxcruiser said...

Tex, we need to add a link to your blog on this site. I don't even know where you blog is and that's not right!

Tex said...

check out my name on here. Click on my name and it'll list all my blogs...

but this is the website

Tex said...

OooooooooooHHHH I'm a link Finally!!! I movin UP in the BlogWorld! :)