Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Face of Red Sox Nation?

Every new baseball season there are always a new crop of ads on NESN that I usually find mildly amusing. It always tickles me to see the players doing ads the first few times you see it. Oh, by about the 1,000th time I heard Curt practicing his Boston accent or hitching a ride to "break a curse" it wasn't so amusing any longer.

I find myself chuckling this year over Wake ripping his shirt open to show a Sox t-shirt and holding up baby clothes he bought at the Yawkey Way Store, one upping Don Orsillo. I am still waiting for this year's Bob Store commercial, as last years put a smile on my face every time I saw it.

Now that being said there is a new commercial out there which has really struck a nerve with me. I've tried to ignore it all together but somehow I always seem to still catch the end of the commercial which is the worst part of all. The commercial in question is the new NESN commercial for Red Sox Nation. The one where they interview all these average Joes around Boston making comments about the Red Sox. The guys all look very average with a Sox jersey on or in fireman's gear. Then they show the women of Red Sox Nation. They're all dolled up and making comments about their beloved Sox team. So what is the problem?

Why aren't any of the women average looking wearing Red Sox gear or in uniform? I wouldn't mind if they had one young and gorgeous woman commenting but why all of them? I guess I thought that maybe NESN realized how large a proportion of Red Sox Nation were women. It irritates me that they are focusing their marketing campaign on men when we are such a large part of this baseball town. I know it is totally silly of me but when I see the Hazel Mae look alike at the end of the commercial saying "and then there's Manny being Manny", I just cringe.


Beazer said...

Spot on, Cruiser!

I hate this commercial for the reasons you wrote about.

These women don't look like fans, they all look like they're trying to get Hazel's job!

And none of them, not even the men, SOUND like real Sox fans!

rainbowgirl said...

. . . as in "Did you see the catch Coco Crisp just made?"

My gripe with that ad is it's too early to act like we really know these new guys.

Also, lots of female Sox fans are gorgeous, and lots of them are not young!

Soxcruiser said...

RBG I would have been happy if one of the females represented struck a chord of reality with me. Part of Red Sox Nation are the older and wiser fans that brought us into this world. I don't understand why the females of that generation weren't represented? My mother made me the fan I am today. When I'm in Fenway I feel like I'm with my mom.

As Beazer said previously none of what the fans said really rung true. It all sounded so scripted.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that commercial is stupid. My reaction when I see the "women of Red Sox Nation" is that I don't believe that they have any idea what baseball is about....let alone the Red Sox.

I know there are tons of gorgeous female Red Sox fans. It's a stereotype I know, it's just what my gut reaction is. Personally, I'd like to see a female fan who actually looks like she might be going to a baseball game.

mrbandw said...

I don't know which ad is more annoying this one or the comcast ad that that seems to be played with every commercial block.

Michael Leggett said...

Almost as if the Red Sox ads are catering to my LEAST-FAVORITE Fan, The "CFB" or "Casual Fan Bloho.

Michael Leggett said...

I was viewing NESN the other night at Professor Thom's Pub @ East 14th Street & 2nd Avenue in Manhattan & wonder if someone was smoking a crack pipe with Doc Gooden, to make this dreck of a commercial.

I was speaking with a Lady Red Sox Fan, who was finished with work & one could tell the passion in her voice for the Sawx, something which was absent in this NESN Blurb, with various "Casual Fan Blohos", which I refer to them as.

A "Hazel Mae" Look-alike?


Anonymous said...

None of the girls in this commercial are good looking. Maybe the blonde, but she is by no mean's gorgeous.

And lets get out quotes correct people "Did you see that catch Coco made?

Throw Wakefield in there, and They're unstoppable