Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dear Youk

Let's see, where do I begin?

Oh, wait, I know...

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Seriously? I need to know.

I think it's wonderful that you're out and about, looking for new charitable endeavors to support.

But an energy drink called "SlumpBuster"? With the tag line “Take Down a SlumpBuster”?

Are you out of your freakish head? Do you not realize how many baseball fans, how many RED SOX FANS are women?

And do you not realize that, if not for your ability to play baseball, in some circles YOU'D be considered a 'slump buster'?

How is it possible that, in 2008, you are so far behind the times that you looked at this idea and thought "Great! I want to be associated with a practice that humiliates and demeans women! Sign me up!"?

I expected better from you. I'm sorely disappointed. It was a group of women fans who started "DoKY", so you know there are women out there who support you. This is a slap in the face to all of us.

That number 20 t-shirt of mine is going right in the trash.


*This letter represents Beazer's views only and isn't intended to speak for all the Sistahs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Beazer:

I don't see it as fact I heard that the girl on the can (I haven't seen it) was fashioned in the role of "A League of Their Own"..

I'm going to have to see for myself before denouncing anything.

Beazer said...

To me, the name alone is demeaning as is the tag line of "take down a slump buster".

And the site promoting this writes in their promotional copy: "SlumpBuster, a term widely recognized by athletes and fans..." indicating that the name means what we think it means.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What offends one might not offend another. Which is why I wrote the disclaimer about the rest of the Sistahs. This offends me greatly. And, to me, it says Youk has no respect for women. Others are free to see things differently.

Sarameister said...

I definitely understand your point of view, Beazer, but a Slump Buster is a means of getting out of a a rally cap...sure there are connotations to it, but I don't think you can hold Kevin accountable to every meaning of every product that he endorses......I do know that in softball we would use the term a lot..and in high school!!!

Beazer said...

Everyone knows what a slump buster is in MLB. And if you don't, I'm glad that you're that sheltered from it.

Google "Mark Grace" or "Curt Schilling" and slump buster. There's your answer. Not just a connotation, but an actual fact.

If that definition of it wasn't what they were going for, there wouldn't be a picture of a woman on the can.

Soxcruiser said...

I'm so disappointed in this move from Kevin. Beazer you are spot on. Anyone who knows how this term came about and the true meaning can't think this was a good decision on Kevin's part. I've been a true supporter of Kevin since I met him on the cruise and I'm so disappointed right now. This isn't the way to raise money for children's charities. Someone really didn't do their homework on this. I guess that's no surprise from a guy that probably lives and breathes baseball and depends on others to tell him what to do. Kevin, whoever told you this was a good idea...well they gave you VERY BAD ADVISE!!!

Brenken said...

Beazer, what you wrote expresses the opinions of this Sistah, too.
Go to and type in the word slumpbuster and read the first definition that comes up and then come back and tell us it's not demeaning to women.
Wrong decision, Kevin!