Monday, February 14, 2011

Anyone know CPR?

Obviously we've all neglected this precious place.  I'll admit life becomes so overwhelming that we don't have time to focus on the things we love to do or have enough time in the day to do them all.  Trying to maintain several blogs and now several fantasy baseball teams can be pretty damn tough...but hey I'm willing to continue giving it a try.  I've missed the Sistahs and this site so I'm going to try lighting a fire underneath some of them and myself to at least give it a shot to revive this old haunt.  Spring Training is beginning in Fort Myers....while I can't be there in person, I can follow along thanks to my good friend, Brenken who attends regularly.

So although this post lacks doesn't lack the attempt of reviving breath into this site.


tap songs said...

nothing to worry, your site is still alive and kicking. :)

Anonymous said...

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