Sunday, June 11, 2006

WEEI and Pink Hats

When I’m driving, I have a tendency to listen to sports radio. That is until the men just start shouting and talking over each other and it becomes too much noise to bear. Recently, I have heard them talking very disparagingly about the fans in the pink hats. It seems that the guys on WEEI believe that the people that wear pink hats are all new bandwagon fans.

Over the past couple weeks I have heard the pink hats brought up more than once and I never really gave it much thought. Then it struck me. They are actually labeling the new bandwagon fans as only women, since you don’t see men at Fenway wearing pink hats.

As I sat watching the game yesterday, that was delayed by five hours; I noticed many pink hats in the stands. Women and young girls that had toughed out the horrific weather to get a chance to see the Red Sox play. Are these the bandwagon fans that WEEI are referring to? The mothers and grandmothers with their kids and grandchildren, the little girls with their Wally’s clutched in their hands? .

I was born into Red Sox Nation in Hartford, Connecticut. In the early 60’s it certainly wasn’t easy to be a Red Sox fan in Hartford, but I didn’t have a choice. My mother raised her four daughters and one son to be diehard Red Sox fans. Yes, my dad liked baseball and the Sox as well, but it was my mother that instilled us with the baseball bug. I can recall her deciding one nice summer weekday that it would be a great day to see a ball game. As luck would have it, the Red Sox were playing the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. She wrote a note for my dad, and piled all the kids into the station wagon and off we went to Yankee Stadium for the day. I mention my mother, because if she was still alive, I can imagine her sitting in the stands sporting a pink Red Sox visor to shade out the sun. Pink hat maybe, but bandwagon fan…NEVER!

Back to the game yesterday, it occurs to me that non-traditional Red Sox head gear seems to be more prevalent than the traditional navy wool regulation caps. I spy many of the St. Patrick’s Day green caps in the home plate area. Now maybe those are acceptable, since the Red Sox do actually wear them on the field one day year. Then there are the locker room World Series caps that come in three different colors, the Wild Card caps and the ever popular light weight navy and denim caps that are so much cooler to wear in the heat of summer. Nope I haven’t heard any of these hats singled out by WEEI so they must all be fine. The bandwagon fans seem to be in the pink hats.

Well the more I think about these pink hat comments the angrier I get as a Red Sox fan and a woman. I personally don’t have a pink hat but I have diehard friends that do have them and they certainly aren’t bandwagon fans. As a matter of fact most of the women I know don’t even like to wear hats, but when you’re at the ball park it is a necessity if one is to be protected from the elements.

WEEI needs to take another look at all the hat styles at Fenway these days and should stop generalizing the bandwagon fans as the females in the pink hats. If they have a problem with non-traditional baseball caps and believe those that wear them are not “real” fans, than say that. It is a ridiculous theory in my book, as we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover or a “real” fan by their hat.


Beazer said...

Once again, Cruiser, you hit the nail on the head!

I don't wear pink gear, but if other woman choose to, that doesn't mean they aren't real fans.

WEEI needs to be called out more often for the chauvinistic attitude they promote over there!

Michael Leggett said...

'EEI=Dennis & Callaghan='nuff said!

Michael Leggett said...

Since I live in the Borough of Queens in NYC, I see whole slews of people, donning yankees caps;

Yet, I wonder how many of them would know where the Bronx is, let alone go near yankee Stadium;

This just in from Al-Yankeezeera;
Oakland Athletics 6 & ny yankees 5.

Cabrera & Damon collided causing an Inside The Park Homer for Nick Swisher.

Jess said...

Well said, sister!
I, myself, just can't pull off pink, so I stick with my navy blue, but I sure as shit harbor nothing but respect for ALL who sport the Sox paraphernalia with pride.

Hot damn! and that's all I have to say.

Soxcruiser said...

Beazer, I think I should e-mail this to The Big Show. That's where I keep hearing them complaining about the pink hats.

Michael, the cook at the restaurant I go to often was sporting a black Yankee hat one day and I told him I didn't even know he was a baseball fan, let alone a Yankee fan. He told me he wasn't, he just thought the hat was cool.

Jess, I totally agree. If Red Sox fans young and old like non- traditional hat what? They may be more knowledgeable than the guy in that traditional lid.

cjf said...

It's simple - pink doesn't belong in sports. And I'd safely bet that most girls wearing pink at games or anywhere aren't real fans. Any game I go to, the women wearing pink aren't even paying attention to what's going on. They're either talking about some player's behind or what they're doing later that night. Are you there for the game or a social date?

Soxcruiser said...

Cjf you are completely generalizing here and that is a very dangerous thing to do. I'm not going to pretend that there aren't women wearing pink at the park that may not have the same interest in the game that you do. You also can't claim that there aren't women in pink there that are well versed in the sport. Where do you get off banning a color from sports? So you ban pink and these same people then begin to wear baby blue. Are you suggesting that everyone not wearing pink, men and women are all intently interested in the game happening on the field?

I've been going to Fenway since I was a little girl. I actually went to the bleachers by myself during spring break, at the age of 14 and kept score at the games. I dressed up for the games back then and remember wearing a cute polka dot mini dress for one game. All the young boys around me certainly thought I was some kind of joke until they missed a few things that happened on the field and when they asked me, I could rattle back at them that the play went 1-5-3.

I see the families with their adorable little girls at the games now with their little pink hats and pink Red Sox gear. These are the fans of the future. You really believe we should ban these little girls from wearing pink?

Brenken said...

SoxCruiser, you and I both know the only reason you don't have a pink hat is because I stole the one you had hanging in your house. :-D
It's absolutely stupid to refer to bandwagon fans as "pink hat fans" since we all know there are some woman who are far more knowledgeable than some of the men sitting in the stands, especially ones using their corporate seats.
Women happen to like matching their hat to their outfit and if they want to wear pink to the park, what's wrong with wearing a matching hat?
Is a pink hat any worse than a camo hat?
BTW, I've never worn the pink hat I took from your house to a game but I also sit in the shade during spring training and don't need a hat. If I ever need a hat and am wearing pink that day, I'll proudly wear my pink Sox hat.

Beazer said...

With all due respect CJF, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

"Pink doesn't belong in sports"

Ah, but drunken fights in the stands...those are good. And if one of those women wants to flash the cameras, I bet that would be good too.

No wait, maybe all the people who don't have penises should just stay home and bake cookies for those who do?

As a woman, who goes to MANY games, I can tell you there are just as many MEN there who don't have a clue what is going on at the game as there are women. Actually, at Fenway, there are MORE men than women who are clueless in the stands.

But you keep yourself warm with all that stereotyping.

Soxcruiser said...

Brenken, funny you mentioned the pink hat you took from my house. That wasn't my pink hat. It belonged to my husband. The local bar was selling different colored Red Sox hats. A couple of the men bought pink hats, as a joke and wore them all one night. Of course the next morning he's wondering what in the world is he going to do with a pink hat. Well we gave it to you!

Katie said...

right on! I myswelf don't like the color pink so I don't have a pink hat but what about girls who's favorite color is pink? It's not uncommon you know. I have a light blue hat because that's my favorite color am I a bandwagon fan too? I have a camo one too how about that. these people are out of their minds

Anonymous said...

How about the Pink Red Sox hats that were sold for Breast Cancer?
Are those people Bandwagoners too?

Katie said...


Beazer said...

I own a pink red sox hat with the breast cancer ribbon on it.

I'll probably never wear it, although after all this hub-bub about it, I am very tempted to wear it the next time I hit Fenway.

Michael Leggett said...

Some of these callers to 'EEI, probably believe themselves to be great Red Sox Managers or GMs';


I once carried a traditional NY Yankees Cap for Undercover Investigations in The Bronx, just to make it easier to get information out of Informants about a particular Location;

But, root for TDYankees? Bwahahahaha!

Hoever, in Latino Areas now, in The Bronx, particularly Dominican ones, A Red Sox or Mets Cap, may just do the trick.

Michael Leggett said...

Wear THAT Cap, in Fenway, Cyn:

It's for a worthwhile cause;


& who cares what "Dennis & Callahan" says!