Friday, April 21, 2006

Is there anyone in the MLB who uses two hands to catch a fly ball?

This is something else that really irks me. Any of us who have played any sort of organized/coached ball know you should always use two hands when fielding the ball if you can.

As Ty Weddington (or whatever the Hell his name is) showed us the other night, when you're a showboat/lazyass/too cool studly outfielder who camps under a ball and then tries a nifty little one-handed snag, sometimes things don't exactly work out the way you'd planned.

I sit and watch games and find myself sounding like the tee-ball coach I was back in the day:
"Atta boy, Manny!" <--- because he actually DOES use two hands. Am I the only one who lets little things like this get to her? On the other hand, Manny has FINALLY hit his first HR of the season and Trot got a hit. He's my Beat the Streak player today and I now have a hot streak of an amazing THREE straight games! Woo hooo !! edit: When you run the blog's spell checker on "Weddington" it suggests a replacement of "hedonistic." Hee!


Beazer said...

This is right up there with the second hand flying off the bat as a hitter follows through.

Do these guys forget fundamentals once their paychecks get a few extra zeros added to them?

Michael Leggett said...

Ty Wiggington is his name. He was no great shakes as the Mets 3rd Baseman.